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The wind of change

There is a curse attributed to the Chinese, which is translated two ways: May you never be bored and May you live in interesting times.  The implication is that change brings depths of distress you would only wish on your … Continue reading

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Choosing Happiness

Recognising happiness is an art; some people wouldn’t know happy if it got up and slapped them with a wet fish. How do you know you are happy? Happy relative to: Other people How I used to be What I … Continue reading

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Stick Around

Hi there. Thanks for dropping by. Maybe you are surfing aimlessly, or searching with purpose… Do you mind if I ask you what brought you here? What caught your eye that got you to stop long enough to read this … Continue reading

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Organisational Harmony

If the purpose of your organisation were to make music, what kind of music would you make? Who would play which instruments? Is the tune you are currently playing popular with your audience? If not, what needs to change? Are … Continue reading

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