NLP (Neurolingusitic Programming)

What is NLP?

What is it?
Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

What does that mean exactly?
Essentially NLP is about modelling and replicating excellence; finding out what makes up the behaviour that we recognise as excellence in others, and in ourselves, and learning how to do it for ourselves, at will.

The principal of NLP is that how we choose to express ourselves, both verbally and through body language, is a strong indicator of how our mind works, and how we see our world; and therefore we can retrain our minds to follow new and more productive pathways, by giving them appropriately worded ideas to play with. This can be by use of (for example) metaphor; using intentionally vague or very precise language. Another way of working is to explore your preferences in how you express yourself: many people have a notable preference for language that is either visual (I see what you mean), auditory (that rings a bell) or kinaesthetic (getting a handle on an issue, having a gut feeling). This can be a useful tool for improving communication. The important thing for many people is that NLP is non-directional, and the client retains control.

How does that fit with Coaching?
It gives the coach an additional set of tools for asking appropriate questions, and finding ways for you to discover your own way to the objectives you want to achieve.

What is it used for?
Common uses are to help change unwanted behaviour, make life decisions, cure phobias, and come to terms with your past.

Sounds easy. Is it?
It can be: NLP can have surprisingly swift and profound impact. Equally, knowing what you need to do, and doing it, are two different things- it sometimesĀ takes practice!

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