Executive and Team Coaching for Businesses

Executive coaching For managers and leaders as individuals and as teams, and for owners of small businesses.

Nothing is permanent but change. Heraclitus

Quick jump:

How can you get what you want/need from your work or business?
What does your work/life balance look like?
Where is your work taking you?
How clear is your vision of the future?
How well resourced are you for the challenges you face?
What changes are coming up?
What are the values you want your team to share?

Coaching is an increasingly popular tool for supporting personal development. Just over six out of ten respondents in the CIPD’s Learning and development survey 2007 http://www.cipd.co.uk/surveys reported that they now use coaching in their organisations.

Executive Coaching for individuals

is usually commissioned by either their line manager, or by the HR function; and the initial purpose and direction of the coaching may be set by the commissioner, but coaching is above all for and directed by the individual. Under these circumstances, an initial meeting of both parties would be held to set up ground rules. As a coach I would expect any feedback to the commissioning manager to be done by the individual receiving the coaching, not by me – the client confidentiality is critical to successful coaching.

Team coaching

is rather different, and may be conducted with each member of a team individually or in groups, and is usually, although not exclusively, more closely directed by the manager of the team and is likely to have a specific and time bound purpose or to be for the specific purpose of team building.

Topics that might be appropriate for executive and team coaching are

Communication skills
Decision making, committing to decisions
Drive, commitment
managing change
shared values
Life/work balance
Management- managing up and down
Motivation and purpose: sorting out what is important to you as a company
Organisation, prioritising, time management
Preparing for retirement
Presentation Skills
Seeking clarity, meaning, balance
Stress management
Support for first time managers

This is just a sample of possibilities, not a definitive list.
If there is a topic you are thinking of as suitable for a coaching intervention, even if it is not shown here, please contact me.

Fees for executive and team coaching for businesses

If you are interested in executive or business coaching for yourself, your colleagues or your staff, please contact me to discuss options. I charge an hourly rate on a sliding scale depending on the size of the business. I will always give a couple of options for you to chose from.

I offer preferential rates for charities, and am always interested in providing coaching to client groups on behalf of charities.

Special introductory offer

If you are not sure whether coaching is the right thing for you or your business, and would like a no commitment introduction, Change from Choice, in conjunction with Emergent Solutions, will spend a lunch hour at your offices offering 10 minute coaching sessions to you and any of your staff who are interested.

All we need is a private meeting space for an hour or two, somewhere for a small queue to sit comfortably, and a clock! Sessions can be pre-booked or turn up and wait, whichever will suit your way of working.

The larger the organisation, the more coaches we can bring along, provided you have enough private space.

Comments from business coaching clients

Cherry is a highly skilled and experienced coach who has made a huge contribution to my happiness and well-being.  She is approachable, patient and always keeps me focused on my values and desires so that I can clearly define my aims and be successful in achieving them.  We have been working together for over six months now and her areas of expertise stretch from helping me with interviewing techniques, to how to manage a team, to achieving personal happiness and equilibrium.  I strongly recommend her to you.
Stella Diamantidi, Law Lecturer

Before my coaching sessions with Cherry, I had many ideas but didn’t have the motivation to make them happen in case they failed. Cherry helped me to believe in my business ability. She also gave me the confidence to consider undertaking projects that were outside of my then current capability. Now I am really excited about my new business. The projects that I have started have huge potential, and these are ideas that I developed through my time with Cherry. Through coaching, I believe my business reached success before I ran out of self belief. I no longer limit the size or scope of my business, because I am open to believing that I can achieve anything.
Mary Parsons, Visual Awareness Trainer

Thank you so much for your help, which has been invaluable, and has prevented me from giving up altogether!
Claire O’Kell

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