NLP based People Skills Workshops and Facilitation for Business and Charities

Things do not change.  You change your way of looking, that is all. Carlos Castaneda

NLP lends itself particularly well to people skills training. There are some suggestions of areas where NLP based workshops would be advantageous below, which include courses I have developed and run with great success.

Typically my workshops are very interactive with participants involved in demonstrations of NLP techniques and then working together in pairs or small groups to explore the learning for themselves. Workshops may involve music, drawing, videos, role-play, and filming.
I do not believe in forcing anyone to take part in an activity they are really uncomfortable with, however, I encourage questions and observations from those participants who do not want to be involved in role play or other more demanding activities.

I will always develop a proposal based on your brief. Workshops will always be tailored to your exact needs.
If there is a workshop you want that is not mentioned here, please ask, I am always happy to develop a new area.


Coaching for success (introduction for managers)
Effective Communication (with clients, with the business)
Interview skills (for the interviewee)
Introduction to NLP
Why Lead? Leadership for new and aspiring leaders.
Introduction to management for new and aspiring managers
Managing Change
People management through coaching
Performance management and review
Presentation Skills
Business Planning
Pitching to funders
Recruitment, selection, and interviewing skills
Team building

Fees for NLP based People Skills Workshops and Facilitation

If you are interested in NLP based workshops for your colleagues or your staff, please contact me to discuss options.
I charge a day rate on a sliding scale depending on the size of the business and the complexity of the training. I will always give a couple of options for you to chose from which may include manuals or back up phone coaching for participants in addition to the on site workshop(s).

I offer preferential rates for charities and many of these courses can be adapted to be suitable to the client group of charities.

Comments from Training Clients

The training we have run has been very successful and I for one am very proud of the service we have offered. I can quite confidently say that your courses have provided a real backbone for the training thus far and you are the only trainer I have booked for four independent sessions next year!!
Sam Champion, PACE

I will look out for more workshops by Cherry Potts as she is a delight and has great knowledge in many areas.
L.G: Participant, Confidence workshop

What I enjoyed most was the rapport between the group and the coach.
Participant, Confidence workshop

I have learnt to hold on to events that inspire confidence in difficult situations, thinking of time in a new way; very positive.
L.F: Participant, Confidence workshop

I have learnt that negative thinking takes too much time up. I enjoyed turning myself into a squirrel!
S: Participant, Confidence workshop

I thoroughly enjoyed the course overall- and loved Cherry’s handout and folder she gave to each of us.
K.T: Participant, Confidence workshop

I realised that I do well when less specifically (rigidly) prepared.
Participant, Interview Skills

Excellent Trainer.  In future I will remember to breathe!
Participant, Interview Skills

What will I do differently in future? Get a job!
Participant, Interview Skills

I enjoyed the whole course: the atmosphere, the content, the presentation, and the feedback of other participants – it is perfect. I got out of it what I was looking for.
A.W: Participant, Effective Communication

I enjoyed the interactive/participative style of the session.
Participant, Effective Communication

I enjoyed the pair tasks – finding most people are in similar situations and there are simple solutions to overcome barriers.
Participant, Introduction to NLP

I enjoyed “well-formed outcomes” regarding motivation most, as it is applicable for both work and personally.
Participant, Introduction to NLP

It was useful to understand that the power lies in the person- we can harness our inner strength and use it in difficult situations e.g. when we are scared.
Participant, Introduction to NLP

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